The cost of a hangover

Britain’s Christmas party hangover will cost the economy £541m in lost working hours, study revealed. Dec. 2 

Hangovers are costing the UK economy £2.8bn a year, research by employment agency Reed.

  Workers spend an average of 2.5 days hungover on the job, with people living in the south and north-east of England the most likely to turn up 'half cut'.

For some, the office is a no-go area and nationally an average 2.3 days are taken off sick due to boozing. One-in-three people admit taking 5 days off.


A Hangover's Mental Impact: Impaired Working Memory, Slower Reaction Times. Aug. 2013   

Researchers measured cognitive functions using a series of comprehensive neuropsychological tests that indicated brain function impairment.

They found an increase of 30% in performance errors among hungover participants, and a significant drop in working memory.  Dr Owen, Keele University School of Psychology.