Nothing can cure a hangover.
The trick is to prevent.

Indulge is a natural blend of antioxidants, vitamins and sugars used to prevent hangover symptoms. The antioxidants help neutralise Free Radicals, protecting the brain and liver, whilst the vitamins and sugars revitalise and help the body rebalance.

What makes indulge effective?


Antioxidants that neutralise free radicals, improving immunity and reducing inflammation

Milk Thistle

Antioxidant. Restores the liver and sustains liver cell membranes

Vitamin C

Antioxidant. Boosts liver enzymes to break down alcohol


Assists enzyme function


Balances blood sugar levels


Restores blood sugar levels

After being ingested, alcohol is converted into the toxin acetaldehyde by the enzyme alcohol-dehydrogenase. Acetaldehyde can cross the blood-brain barrier irritating the brain lining and diminishing cell functionality.

This is the main cause of discomfort associated with a hangover headache. Acetaldehyde is efficiently metabolised within the liver when a small amount of alcohol is consumed. When excessive amounts are consumed the liver’s store of enzymes become exhausted, allowing acetaldehyde to build up in the blood. The antioxidant complex within Indulge combines with acetaldehyde altering its shape and polarity, preventing acetaldehyde from crossing the blood-brain barrier and causing harm.

Whilst busy metabolising excessive alcohol, the liver is unable to convert glycogen into glucose. This contributes to a drop-in blood sugar levels. The sugars in Indulge rebalance blood sugar whilst Milk Thistle restores the liver cell membranes.

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